She was like the moon,
part of her was always
hidden away.

I like Harry Potter, notebooks, coffee and movies.


Through shadow to the edge of night,
                                u n t i l   t h e   s t a r s   a r e   a l l   a l i g h t …

Bad photo I know. So my zombie themed shelf is pretty much full, unless I want to block something and I don’t lol. I know that I have 4 coming Walking Dead collector items on my to buy list so suppose I have to start a 2nd shelf.

BUT LOOK AT MY NEW BADASS LAST OF US STATUE! I brought it home yesterday and I have had my eyes on this one in like forever, it sold out fast and it’s hard to come by (the price is insane already for being like 1 year old). I got a really good price and just yes, I fucking love it to death. The detail work is so damn amazing I nearly cried.

Fangirl collector word spam over!


My Ode to Dawn Wiener cassette came today! 💕 Thank you so much nicoledollanganger~


Got a pretty bad heat stroke last night but managed to get my body temperature down on my own but it was scary as hell. Woke up today feeling shitty along with a migraine because of it so I had to stay home from work. Which sucks because it’s only me second week back.

I rested and I feel better now, just exhausted. But that ain’t stopping me from cleaning the whole apartment xD


cute little baby plants in my window